Trainee Finds her Passion Thanks to her Traineeship

Trainee Finds her Passion Thanks to her Traineeship

Trainee Finds her Passion Thanks to her Traineeship

Thanks to her traineeship, Dana Esposito not only discovered what career she is most passionate about, her experience also gave her a new-found confidence that has helped her to succeed.

“My traineeship gave me irreplaceable professional and personal skills that have helped me get to where I am today,” said Dana.

“I don’t think I would have considered a career in the Medical Software industry if it wasn’t for my traineeship. But here I am five years later in a career I absolutely love and an industry I am truly passionate about.”

Dana began her traineeship in 2013 after she was faced with health issues making it difficult for her to complete her final years of school. Her high school career counsellor discussed the option of a traineeship.

“I felt lost with my schooling. I was demotivated of studying and I wasn’t getting the results that I wanted. However, I was adamant that I wanted to succeed in my career. So, the traineeship was the perfect thing for me.”

“I started my traineeship in 2013 with high hopes and it didn’t disappoint.”

In her traineeship Dana worked at Zedmed software as an Administration assistant and receptionist while studying a Certificate II in Business. She was responsible for the day-to-day operations of the office and managed the administration for different departments of the organisation.

“I immediately learnt that I love working in an office environment. I didn’t have much exposure to the corporate world prior to my traineeship but through my experience, I gained an insight into what it was like and how it all works.”

“I learnt a lot about the medical industry as well, which I found incredibly interesting.”

“I dealt with all the different departments too, so this gave me an even deeper understanding of the medical software industry.”

Her host employer Zedmed continuously supported Dana through her traineeship and beyond.

“My host employer was amazing, especially my manager at the time. They gave me so much guidance and nurture especially because it was a high-pressured job. I am still friends with the people I worked with in my traineeship.”

After completing her traineeship, Dana was offered a job at Foxtel in the sales department. She then went to work in the dental software industry and in 2017 was invited back to work at Zedmed as full time Training and Implementation Consultant.

“It was such an honour to be invited back to where I stared my career journey.The team at Zedmed were amazing to work with and inspired me to do my best, I will always value my time there.”

After a year at Zedmed Dana decided it was time to change it up and moved to Adelaide from Melbourne to take on a role as Sales Training and Installation Consultant at Genie Solutions, another medical software company.

“I absolutely love my current job, I look after an entire customer base in SA and am responsible for all new business sales as well as facilitating training and installations for our practices.”

“The medical software industry is where I want to stay. Thanks to my traineeship I found my passion. I found the career I love the most.

Through my traineeship I found out that I have the confidence within me to do anything I want and that I am capable of great things.”

“My traineeship helped me find my way when I didnt have a clear direction. It gave me purpose and it started my career. I couldn’t be happier.”

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Date: 21st of February

Image: Dana Esposito

Author: Marissa Pagliarello