Measuring the Wellbeing of Students in the Arts Academies

Measuring the Wellbeing of Students in the Arts Academies

Measuring the Wellbeing of Students in the Arts Academies


ArtsReady is an initiative of AFL SportsReady and the program assists employers in the arts and creative industries to engage young Australians in traineeships.

ArtsReady represents the interests of Australia’s eight elite Arts Training Organisations, that are funded by the Department of Communications and the Arts. In 2019, ArtsReady commissioned the CPP to measure the wellbeing of students across the Arts8.

The Arts8 comprises of The Australian Ballet School, Australian National Academy of Music, National Institute of Circus Arts, NAISDA Dance College, National Institute of Dramatic Art, Australian Youth Orchestra, Flying Fruit Fly Circus and the Australian Film, Television and Radio School.

Over 300 students across the Arts8 participated in the ArtsReady Wellbeing Profiler survey. The project provided in-depth understanding of the wellbeing needs of young people in the performing arts academies.

Feedback from ArtsReady indicated that a common language about wellbeing was established, generating further discussions and actions required to foster wellbeing across the academies.

To enhance the capacity of the Arts8 academies to build wellbeing for staff and students, ArtsReady has commissioned the CPP to undertake both staff and student wellbeing measurement in 2020.

The article above first appeared in ‘The Centre for Positive Psychology: Annual Review 2020.’ The journal is a publication by The University of Melbourne’s Melbourne Graduate School of Education. the Annual Review 2020 edition can be viewed here.

Research Team: Dr Tan-Chyuan Chin (Leader) and Miss Isabelle Stevenson

Funded by: ArtsReady