Screen NSW Helping Dreams Come True For Young People In The Arts

Screen NSW Helping Dreams Come True For Young People In The Arts

Screen NSW Helping Dreams Come True For Young People In The Arts

First-time host employer, Megan Young, from Screen NSW, believes taking on a trainee helps to create more diversity in the workplace and gives the organisation a new and youthful perspective.

“Our former ArtsReady trainee Georgia Croft completed her traineeship with us in August and has been a wonderful addition to the team. Screen NSW encourages and thrives in a diverse workplace and having Georgia on board provided the team with youthful vigor and point of view, which is important in the work we do,” said Ms Young, Acting Senior Screen Investment Manager at Screen NSW.

Proud Aboriginal Woman, Georgia Croft, started her traineeship with Screen NSW on the Screen Investment team in 2018, taking on a role as Administration Assistant and studying a Certificate III in Business.

“As a first-time host, I found the experience interesting, challenging but incredibly rewarding,” explained Ms Young.

“Georgia is a wonderfully engaged, creative, passionate and organised young woman and has maturity beyond her years. She also has a wonderful sense of humour and a laugh that is so infectious that you can’t help but laugh with her,” she added.

As an Administration trainee, Georgia helped out with Administrative support tasks to allow Ms. Young and other supervisors and senior staff to focus on more strategic projects at hand.

“Georgia was acutely aware of the constant pressures the organisation was under and supported the director, managers and Investment Division diligently in any way she could.”

With her passion for screenwriting, Georgia was able to explore other areas and develop an understanding of the development of television and film projects, the landscape of the arts and creative industries and how to respond to high-level ministerial requests.

“Beyond her primary duties, Georgia contributed to notes and feedback on scripts and creative materials, cuts on television episodes and feature films.”

“Her story instincts and practical skills in development had grown exponentially during her employment – an achievement in itself given she’s an emerging screen practitioner.”

Georgia has recently moved on from Screen NSW after graduating in August and has taken on a new role at federal funding agency Screen Australia.

Ms Young and her team believe that thanks to the traineeship Georgia has been given the opportunity to breakthrough in the arts and creative industry and has left the team with a new-found confidence and belief in herself and her abilities.

“Georgia was an absolute gem to work with and a key contributor to the entire Screen Investment team.”

“There are so many benefits that come with taking on a trainee but I think the best part about employing a young person is that they remind you that every day is a ‘school day’ and that no matter what I think I know, there’s always room to learn more.”

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DATE: 27th of November 2019

AUTHOR: Marissa Pagliarello

IMAGE: Georgia celebrating her Birthday at Screen NSW