School-based Traineeships Perfect for on The Job Learning

School-based Traineeships Perfect for on The Job Learning

Abbygail (Abby) Watson, a proud First Nations woman, discovered that success in her career doesn’t depend on excelling in school. Through her school-based traineeship with ANZ Bank, Abby gained invaluable professional skills, confidence, and industry connections. Working one day a week while studying a Certificate II in Business, Abby found the traineeship to be the perfect fit for her hands-on learning style.

Her traineeship journey expanded to include a school-based apprenticeship and further traineeships, ultimately leading her to a full-time position at an IT solutions provider. Abby’s inspiring story showcases the transformative power of traineeships and the limitless potential they offer.

“I wasn’t a fan of school, in fact I hated it. Classroom learning was never for me because I learn on the job,” said Abby. 

“So, a school-based traineeship was perfect because it meant I didn’t have to go to school every day and instead I would be working one day a week and earning some money,” she added. 

Abby took on a traineeship in 2018 with the ANZ bank in Kingston (Tasmania) and studied for a Certificate II in Business. Not only was Abby still in high school.
But she was also completing a school-based apprenticeship with the Indigenous Land Cooperation where she worked on a sheep station on Bruny Island while studying a Certificate III in Agriculture.  

“There are so many young people who would rather give up and not attend school and that is how I felt. With a traineeship you don’t have to be stuck in a classroom, you can work in the industry, gain amazing experience and at the end of it get a qualification and maybe even a job. 

Traineeships give everyone a go, it doesn’t matter your background or circumstances, you get a chance to take that first step into building a successful future.”

From the moment she started her traineeship with ANZ she felt welcomed by the team. Abby believes the experience was life-changing and the skills she gained through her traineeship have played a vital part in her career journey.  

“I took on many responsibilities at the bank, such as serving customers and managing deposit bags. Everything I learnt helped me to grow both professionally and personally because I learned to become pro-active and confident.”

Through her traineeship, Abby was surrounded by support, which is a key part of the AFL SportsReady traineeship model. 

“I was supported every step of the way by my amazing Field Officer, Tracey Parry, and my Mentor Ralph White. Tracey is an incredible woman and I can’t thank her enough for her unconditional support that she continues to still give me to this day. She is gifted at what she does, and her students would be very grateful to have her as their Educator and Field Officer. 

Then there is the amazing Ralphy. I could listen to his stories all day long. He is one of the most supportive people I know. I am so grateful he was my Mentor and that he still continues to be a very important person in my life to this day.” 

Upon completing her traineeship with ANZ Abby decided to take on another traineeship with IT solutions provider, IRIS Computing Pty where she studied a Certificate III in Business Administration. She now works at the company on a full-time basis. 

“Traineeships have inspired me to keep striving, to keep working hard and reaching for success. They are so important because they teach you what working in the real world is like and they give you an opportunity to go out there and give it a crack. 

My traineeship with ANZ gave me a life-time of skills and now I am working at an amazing company. An opportunity I would have never taken if I hadn’t have done my school-based traineeship with ANZ.”

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Image: Abby Watson