Griffith University is AFL SportsReady’s Queensland University Partner. There is guaranteed direct entry * into approved Griffith University Degrees for graduates who complete the following:

  • Certificate IV in Fitness – SIS30310
  • Certificate IV in Sports Development – SIS40610
  • Certificate IV in Business – BSB40207
  • Diploma of Sport Development – SIS50610
  • Diploma of Management – BSB51107

For completion of a Diploma, a minimum award of credit, equivalent to a full-time semester of study (i.e. 40 credit points), will be granted towards 3 year bachelor degree programs where the program structure allows for such free choice elective credit. Up to the equivalent of 1 year of full-time study (80 credit points) may be awarded depending on VET qualifications and units completed and the structure of the Griffith program of enrolment.

Diploma of Sport Development Bachelor of Business All Campuses including online and OUA 1101IBA Management Concepts 1003MKT Introduction to Marketing 40 CP free choice electives
Diploma of Management Bachelor of Business All Campuses including online and OUA 1101IBA Management Concepts 40 CP free choice electives

No credit is awarded solely on the basis of completion of a Certificate IV towards a Griffith undergraduate degree program. Students will be required to lodge a Direct Admission Form to Griffith University attaching academic records indicating successful completion of the SportsReady qualification.
*exclusions apply


The following degree programs are unavailable for direct guaranteed
Biomedical Science
Contemporary Australian Indigenous Art
Education Programs
Exercise Science (Pre-physio)
Film and Screen Media Production
Games Design
Languages and Linguistics
Law Programs
Medical Science
Music Programs Offered by Queensland Conservatorium
Nutrition and Dietetics
Oral Health Programs

Programs offered by The Queensland College of Art All Degrees Which Include Honours, Advanced Honours and Advanced Studies


Where a single degree is listed above as excluded for direct entry purposes and is part of a Griffith double degree, the exclusion applies also to the double degree.
For the Bachelors of Fine Arts, Photography and Design Futures, Graduates are required to have a completed Visual/Creative Arts related Diploma.
More information can be obtained by emailing [email protected]