NATIONAL SKILLS WEEK 2021 -Celebrating Our Trainees Across Australia

NATIONAL SKILLS WEEK 2021 -Celebrating Our Trainees Across Australia

NATIONAL SKILLS WEEK 2021 -Celebrating Our Trainees Across Australia

This week is National Skills Week, a week dedicated to raising the status of practical and vocational educational learning (VET) by debunking the myths and enabling all Australians to gain a greater understanding of the opportunities available through the sector.

AFL SportsReady in partnership with the National Careers Institute (NCI), aim to demonstrate how VET can lead to successful, meaningful, professional careers with great salaries and outstanding career prospects.

Young people across Australia need support more than ever. Having tackled the challenges of COVID-19, many have witnessed or experienced first-hand the uncertainty around career paths: with job losses and reduced working hours impacting them, their family and friends. The importance of helping young people and parents to understand career pathways and dispel misconceptions about VET is more important than ever. There are so many ways to get a foot in the door and completing a VET qualification with a traineeship pathway is certainly one of them.

Through this partnership we highlight the talent of our alumni, telling their stories of how their career was made through their traineeship and produced resources to explain the benefits of VET.

Check out our resources below:


There are a lot of myths out there about Vocational Education and Training (VET) and traineeships, so we want to debunk a few for you.

View the videos here.


In this series we explore the diverse industries you can do a traineeship in from sport, marketing, business, education, the arts and more. This 10-part webinar series showcases AFL SportsReady alumni who have gone on to successful careers from their traineeships.

Watch our webinar recordings here.


Are you providing career guidance or assisting people on their career journey? Download our new Traineeship Guide which includes everything you need to know about traineeships, including myths and facts, benefits, industries you can do a traineeship in, trainee videos, interviews and more.

Download our new guide here.


In a series of interviews, we hear from young people who chose a traineeship as their career pathway, and we find out where they ended up.

Check out our article series here.

Visit the National Skills Week website to learn more:

This article is part of our partnership with NCI to highlight the real benefits of VET.

​To find out more about our Traineeship program and the opportunities it can lead to, click here.