Pathway from AFL Player to Cadet

Pathway from AFL Player to Cadet

Pathway from AFL Player to Cadet

Proud Yorta Yorta man and former Richmond Football Club player, Nathan Drummond, has found a new career path in finance and thanks to the First Nations Cadetship program, he has his foot in the door of the industry.

At the age of 18, Nathan was drafted to the Richmond Football Club – which was a dream come true.

“It felt surreal to be playing alongside the players you have always looked up to as a kid. All the players you see on TV are suddenly sharing a change room with you,” said Nathan.

“Despite my many injuries and not playing as many games as I would have liked, every moment on that field was a bonus for me. I feel honoured that I got to live out my childhood dream pulling on an AFL jersey, and I accept that life throws different things at you.

I am in a different world now, doing things I would have never thought I would do,” he added.

While playing football, Nathan took an interest in studying and decided to go down the path of business, in particular, finance.

Now, he is currently completing a First Nations Cadetship at ANZ bank in their head office, where he works two days a week while completing his Bachelor of Business at Monash University.

“A cadetship is similar to an internship where you get real-life work experience in an industry that aligns with what you study. What sets it apart is the flexibility as your workplace works around your schedule and you also receive a study allowance.” said Nathan.

“This is my third cadetship, I completed two at BP Australia, which was an incredible experience.

They are extremely valuable and compliment my university studies.

I have felt really comfortable in all my roles and love all the people I have worked with. Cadetships allow me to gain an understanding of the industry. My traineeship guided me in the direction to go down after uni.”

Nathan has been at ANZ for two and a half months and so far, the experience has been nothing but positive.

“It’s awesome to work for such a big company and even though at times it can be high pressure there is a lot of support around you.

In my day-to-day role, I help with data insights, especially for home loans, and support the team with projects. That the company need for data around key stats for their areas such as broker, mobile and ABN which are types of lenders.

I have been learning how to code which I have never done before. I have also helped with smaller tasks such as researching other markets for trends in mortgage lending with rising interest rates.”

Gaining experience is something Nathan believes is fundamental when studying at university and doing internships or cadetships is an opportunity to get all the experience you need.

“These types of programs make someone more employable. Employers want to know what experience you have, so working at these companies will instantly give you credit.

It’s less risk when hiring someone with experience, plus the networking is essential, as the connections you make through your work experience may open up new opportunities for you in your career.”

Nathan’s cadetship has not only given him invaluable experience but a range of soft skills.

“Learning about systems, punctuality, time management and communication skills are just some of the skills I am gaining thanks to the cadetship.

It really gives you that real-world exposure and sets you up with the skills and knowledge to help calm your nerves when you do enter the big wide world after university.”

Nathan will complete his cadetship by the end of the year and only has three more units to go until he finishes his university degree. After a trip to Bali to celebrate his completion, he feels he will be ready to take on the world of finance. It has also helped him focus on his career that has already been set up thanks to his cadetship.

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