A Dream Come True, Working The Grand Final

A Dream Come True, Working The Grand Final

Tess Acott and Aniesha Abbott, both 19 are pinching themselves right now, it was a dream come true as their traineeship takes them to a Grand Final.

Working in the membership department at the Melbourne Football Club and studying a Certificate III in Business. The girls have had a whirlwind of an experience since starting their traineeship back in March and have loved every minute. With both girls unsure of what career path to take after high school, to now working at a football club, they can’t believe their luck.

“It’s an amazing feeling knowing we are in the Grand Final. It’s super exciting and we are so lucky to be in this position,” said Tess.

“Even though we can’t be there physically we are all so involved and get to celebrate everything we have achieved as a club,” she added.

Aniesha is also bursting with excitement to be a part of history this weekend and hopefully see her team come out on top.

“I am trying not to think about it right now because I honestly can’t believe it is happening. I think it will become real on Friday and Saturday,” said Aniesha.

“Whether we win or lose it will be special either way because what we have all put in together as a team and the work we have done individually won’t be forgotten. It’s a really special and emotional time for us and our members,” she added.

Both girls agree the most rewarding part of their traineeship is working with the members, especially during this time.

“Our members are just incredible people and we care about them so much. They are full of interesting stories that we love to listen to. They tell us they would be happy no matter the outcome because the team has made it this far,” said Tess.

“The last time Melbourne won a Grand final was in 1964 and our members have stuck by us eagerly because they love the demons so much. Finally, now, their waiting has been worth it and it is really a beautiful feeling to see so many of our dedicated fans be so excited and happy. Like Aniesha said, it is so special.”

Things have definitely become a lot busier for the girls since the club made it to the Preliminary finals, but they are loving the challenge.

 “It has been a crazy but thrilling time for us in our roles. Our responsibilities were things like going through account after account and to check everyone who was a priority member had the correct access. We also had to support members who didn’t have access to the internet.

 We were dealing with many people in WA who needed support because they don’t usually go to football games. The tickets for general sale were sold out in 10 minutes and we were completely shocked. We knew the member sales would sell out but didn’t expect it to sell so fast,” said Tess.

“It was just wild! Over 150,000 people were on Ticketmaster before the sale started. We have been flat out with our merchandise and providing member’s surprise packages for decorating their house in red and blue. There is just so much going on, but it is all so exciting and fun,” added Aniesha.

“The Melbourne Football Club is amazing, and I am sure Tess can vouch for me when I say we are both so proud to be working here,” said Aniesha.

“The support we have received at the club is nothing I have ever experienced before in a job, and my friends always say, no way! I can’t believe you are working at a place like this or it sounds too good to be true.  You can ask any question and there is never a silly one. Whatever you need, people are there to support you,” she added.

“Even with the whole working from home situation. Everything was set up and we had everything we needed. It has been a supportive and smooth transition,” mentioned Tess.

Working at Melbourne Football Club has inspired both girls to pursue a career in the sporting industry. Despite not going for the team they have developed a great love for the club.

“There is so much opportunity working in sport, and you can see how many pathways you can go into. This experience has been so beneficial in every way. That whatever the outcome is after the traineeship just having this on our resume is massive,” said Tess.

I am just so happy I saw this traineeship being advertised and that I am living this experience. Looking at how much I have learnt in the last 7 months, it is crazy. I am learning more about the industry every single day and it only makes me want to pursue a career here even more,” added Aniesha.

There is no doubt this is going to be one of the most nerve-racking and exciting weekends of their lives. Due to the lockdown, they will be watching it at home and will be connected with the club throughout the day. Cheering their beloved team on from the couch.

“We will probably be on zoom with the team and celebrate every little win through the game,” said Tess.

“It’s going to be an epic day regardless; I think I still need to keep pinching myself that this is happening!” laughed Aniesha.

We wish the girls and the mighty Demons all the best on Saturday!

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DATE: 23rd of September, 2021 | AUTHOR: Marissa Pagliarello
IMAGE: Tess and Aniesha