Jonty’s Journey in Exercise Physiology

Jonty’s Journey in Exercise Physiology

Embarking on a journey in Exercise Physiology, Jonty, a remarkable Cadet at the University of South Australia, shares insights into the invaluable experience gained through AFL SportsReady’s First Nations Cadetship program. This unique initiative provides practical, paid industry exposure, fostering essential workplace skills and offering a significant head start in one’s career.

Jonty’s narrative unveils the profound impact of the cadetship, unravelling the layers of learning, interaction, and technological exploration within the high-performance labs. Join us in exploring the journey that propelled Jonty into the dynamic realm of Exercise Physiology, guided by AFL SportsReady’s First Nations Cadetship program.

1. Why did you take on a cadetship?  

I took on this cadetship as I believed it was a great opportunity to see what happens in the High Performance and Exercise Physiology field as we don’t often get to see this until later in the degree.  I also want to meet new people and learn as much as I can from them.

2. What is the best part of your role?  

The best part of my role is being able to interact with clients and see first-hand what happens in the workforce. I have also really enjoyed working with the high-tech equipment in the high performance labs.

3. How do you think the cadetship will benefit your future?  

The opportunity to take part in the cadetship has already changed my thoughts on the future as I didn’t have too much knowledge of what an exercise physiologist did and am now thinking that it is a pathway I would enjoy and may even consider transferring degrees.

4. What’s your advice to someone who is thinking of taking on a cadetship?

My advice to someone thinking of taking on a cadetship is definitely give it a chance. I was a little nervous at the start as I didn’t know if I could handle the role and have time for such a commitment. But, as soon as I began, I really enjoyed it and have learnt so many helpful things through the journey. I would recommend a cadetship to anyone!

Jonty’s cadetship experience highlights the benefits of AFL SportsReady’s First Nations Cadetship program. His journey, from uncertainty to newfound passion in Exercise Physiology, underscores the program’s capacity to shape career perspectives.
The ability to interact with clients and utilise high-tech equipment offers a firsthand glimpse into the workforce, providing unparalleled insights.

Jonty’s advice resonates as a testament to the program’s potential. Encouraging aspiring cadets to embrace the opportunity, overcome initial apprehensions, and embark on a fulfilling journey of professional growth. The cadetship, as illuminated by Jonty’s story, emerges as a gateway to knowledge, skill development and a promising future in the field.

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