IT Traineeships More Important Than Ever

IT Traineeships More Important Than Ever

IT Traineeships More Important Than Ever

Wodonga local and former trainee, Dan Kipping, got his start in IT thanks to his Traineeship at Sacred Heart Primary School in Yarrawonga and now works as the ICT Project Manager at Wodonga Institute of TAFE. He believes the powerful combination of education and industry experience a Traineeship provides, was a key to his success.

“Many roles require job experience and so how do you get experience as a high school leaver when you are not given an opportunity?” said Dan.

“I was drawn to a Traineeship because I really liked the idea of being able to obtain certifications that carry some weight and gain important industry experience,” he added.

Dan began his Traineeship at the school in 2011 where he worked as an ICT Technician and obtained Certificates III and IV in Information Technology. In his role he worked in technical support, assisting staff and students. He played an important part in setting up and troubleshooting a new laptop initiative introduced to the school at the time.

“ Sacred Heart was always open to new possibilities in IT and so I felt fortunate to work in an environment where I could share the knowledge I had and be given the resources I needed to learn.”  

“As we have seen throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, IT is a critical area to be open to as it is so vital in our lives for connection, information and communication.”

 Through his journey, Dan always felt supported by his host employer and AFL SportsReady.

“The AFL SportsReady Field Officer assigned to me, Mick Caruso, was brilliant. Mick never gave me the impression he was just doing his job to tick a box. It was obvious to me that Mick was genuinely passionate about seeing the successful outcomes of his trainees.”

With his Traineeship experience now behind him, Dan, upon graduating from AFL SportsReady,  took on a role at Rivalea Australia as the IT Service Desk Coordinator. He also continued his studies and completed a Bachelor’s Degree in IT and Business Analysis at Charles Sturt University.

“My Traineeship enabled me to learn more effectively, and  I took those skills with me on my journey when studying my Degree.

One thing I really took from the experience is just how incredibly important Traineeships are. In my Degree, I was never exposed to a truly practical element, only theoretical content. So, if I didn’t complete my Traineeship I may never have had that early hands-on experience which helped me get to where I am today.”

After his time with Rivalea, Dan landed a job at the Wodonga Institute of TAFE and now works as the ICT Project Manager. During these challenging times, the Institute has been working hard to set up and manage the transition towards more online learning.

“It has been a very interesting time for the IT industry, and I am sure many organisations can relate, we are bringing a number of  IT projects forward to adapt to what is happening.

 We are seeing first-hand how the world can suddenly change, and the critical role IT can play.

 And so, Traineeships in IT have never been more important. There are so many young people interested in this field, willing to learn, just like I was, and all they need is that one chance.

 When I see images of IT Trainees on AFL SportsReady’s social media, I think, that used to be me. I was there all those years ago and because Sacred Heart Primary School gave me an opportunity, I have secured an amazing role that I couldn’t be happier in.”

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DATE: 24th June 2020

AUTHOR: Marissa Pagliarello

IMAGE: Dan Kipping