Bomber graduate steps into career at Converse

Bomber graduate steps into career at Converse

It wasn’t just talent that saw former AFL SportsReady trainee Rachel Krasky become Converse’s Marketing and Communications Manager. Hard-work, grit and of-course her traineeship all contributed to Rachel’s career success at such a young age.

‘My philosophy has always been, don’t be shy to bang down those doors as they won’t open by themselves,’ said Rachel.

‘If you continue to put in the work, you’ll see the results, your career isn’t a race, it’s a journey,’ she added.

Rachel, 28, took on a traineeship in 2008 at Essendon Football Club knowing it would give her the experience she needed to break into the sports industry.

‘I knew it would give me that extra edge that everyone with a piece of paper from University wouldn’t have.’

Working across the organisation, Rachel was given the opportunity to witness first hand and experience all the different departments of a professional sporting club. She also worked closely with the Community Team and ran programs for Indigenous children.

‘My traineeship at Essendon was one of the best decisions I ever made in regards to kick-starting my career.

It allowed me to build my skill-set and gave a pretty fresh 18-year-old the chance to experience a fast-paced and exciting work environment, helping me to become more mature and provide me with the opportunity to build my networks within the sports industry.’

Rachel’s VET qualification also allowed her to learn and develop the necessary skills to forge a successful career.

‘My Certificate III in Business Administration played a huge role in my traineeship. It gave me the theory for the work I was doing at Essendon, giving me a better understanding of the processes and procedures of the club and the business.’ 

After her traineeship, Rachel was determined to make her mark in the sporting arena. She worked incredibly hard, completing a double degree in Commerce, majoring in Marketing and Public Relations while undertaking internships at St Kilda Football Club, Tennis Australia and Thrive PR.

‘Six months out from finishing my degree I reached out to the contacts I made in my traineeship and internships to let them know I was looking for full-time work. I ended up getting a job at Nike Australia and completed the last 6 months of my degree working full-time with the company.

I enjoyed three fantastic years working for Nike and a PR Agency called Two Birds Talking.’

It wasn’t long until Rachel was approached by Converse Australia. Resistant to move at first, she decided to take the role knowing it was a step up from her current position.

‘My role at Converse evolved from a pure PR position to leading both the Marketing and Communication teams across Australia and New Zealand for the brand.’

Rachel’s impressive career to date is a reflection of her hard work and commitment to continually improve herself and develop professionally. She credits her traineeship for giving her the push to get going in the first place and helping her to find her calling.

‘If it wasn’t for my traineeship I wouldn’t have changed my degree from finance, which is what I originally wanted to do. The experience gave me a clear understanding of the path I actually wanted to go down.

‘The practical on the job experience is invaluable and one that will set you up for the career you want to achieve. It also might just help you discover your passion like it did for me.’


DATE: 26 April, 2018
IMAGE: AFL SportsReady graduate, Rachel Krasky
ARTICLE: Marissa Pagliarello