Inspiring Diversity and Unlocking Opportunities

Inspiring Diversity and Unlocking Opportunities

Proud Kuringai Man, Braidyn Dunford’s story is a testament to the strength of a traineeship and passion for a meaningful career. An alumnus of AFL SportsReady, Braidyn began his journey with a traineeship at AFL House in the Diversity Talent Department.

In his role as the Diversity Coordinator, he completed a Certificate III in Business, which has since paved the way for his current position as a Multicultural Development Officer at Hawthorn Football Club.

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His dedication to inclusivity and creating opportunities within the AFL community was evident from the start. During his traineeship, Braidyn played a crucial role in providing opportunities to kids from diverse backgrounds, both at the national and state levels. He emphasised the importance of creating these opportunities, recognising that many young diverse people might not have access to such programs.

“I worked on a National and State level to provide kids from diverse backgrounds opportunities that they might not get from other programs.”

In his role as Diversity Coordinator Trainee, Braidyn’s daily tasks included:

  • Managing spreadsheets
  • Handling emails
  • Answering questions
  • Planning Programs

One of the most rewarding aspects of Braidyn’s traineeship was the opportunity to work in diverse environments, surrounded by First Nations individuals and people from various backgrounds. He realised the importance of networking and building connections for his future career.

When asked about his decision to pursue a traineeship, Braidyn succinctly stated,

“It’s a good chance to get into the AFL industry.”

[Traineeship at AFL House]

His traineeship experience exceeded expectations, providing him with valuable insights and hands-on experience in the field.

Braidyn spoke highly of his host employer, AFL, stating, “AFL House gave me lots of opportunities and really cared about my future.”

Reflecting on his traineeship, Braidyn shared, “I’ll continue to learn different tactics about running programs.” His future plans include remaining in the AFL industry’s diversity sector, where he hopes to continue making a positive impact.

[Traineeship at AFL House]

His favourite part of the traineeship?

“Meeting new people and being given the experience of helping younger generations.”

AFL SportsReady provided essential support, including guidance from his Field Officer Mick, Mentor Ralphy, and Educator Matt.

After completing his traineeship, Braidyn secured a full-time position as the Multicultural Development Officer at Hawthorn Football Club. He believes that hands-on learning and building contacts are crucial for a fulfilling career.

Braidyn Dunford’s journey is an inspiring example of the opportunities that AFL SportsReady offers to young individuals seeking a career within the AFL industry.

His unwavering commitment to diversity and inclusion, combined with his passion for empowering the next generation, has led him to a rewarding role at Hawthorn Football Club. Braidyn’s story serves as an inspiration to all young people aspiring to make a positive impact in their chosen field. Underline the incredible journey that a traineeship can provide.

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