In the game with AFL SportsReady

In the game with AFL SportsReady

In the game with AFL SportsReady

It’s been more than a decade since D&D Curators first partnered with AFL SportsReady. Now, the host employer is celebrating kick-starting the careers of more than 20 trainees specialising in turf management.

D&D Curators service bowling and cricket clubs in Adelaide, while also maintaining council land across the city. Supervisor Nigel Ryan hasn’t looked back since joining forces with AFL SportsReady, with plans to develop the careers of more young people along with the family business for many years to come.

‘One of the best parts of our partnership is giving opportunities to younger generations and  watching them grow, which is a really rewarding experience – especially when they go onto bigger and better things,’ he explained. 

Mr Ryan is particularly proud of the achievements of his trainees, with many becoming apprentices, thanks to their dedication and hard work. It includes South Australian Sports Turf Graduate of the Year winner and AFL SportsReady Trainee of the Year nominee, Jake Hermann. 

While Luke Partridge’s career also skyrocketed to international heights, with the former trainee receiving a place at America’s prestigious Ohio Program for greenkeeping. Now, Luke is the top curator at one of Dubai’s most exclusive golf courses. According to Mr Ryan, success stories like this are common, with some former trainees even starting their own small turf management businesses.
‘I’ve had trainees go onto scholarship programs and work overseas, receiving sponsorship and assistance from the Sports Turf Association of Australia and even Rotary too. They’ve been opened up to so many new opportunities as a result.'
'We’ve maintained this standard and seeing our trainees and apprentices develop around the programs we’ve implemented is really, really satisfying. To know you are continuing to get young people out there in the industry, it really strengthens our industry as a whole,’ he explained.

‘Our work with AFL SportsReady ensures we have qualified staff. Then when our trainees succeed, we succeed as well. Whether they become apprentices or go onto bigger things, it is all fantastic for the industry.’

D&D Curators is currently hosting four trainees and apprentices with plans to continue their successful and long-standing partnership with AFL SportsReady to develop the next generation of turf curators.

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DATE: 5th of May 2016 
IMAGE: D & D Curators Facebook page – 
AUTHOR: Alexia Boland