Honouring our School Partners

Honouring our School Partners

For nearly three decades, AFL SportsReady has stood as a beacon of hope and opportunity for young individuals seeking to launch their careers. Through unwavering dedication and a commitment to fostering growth, AFL SportsReady has transformed countless lives, equipping them with the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in the professional world. As an organisation gearing up to celebrate its 30th anniversary, it is a time not only for reflection on past accomplishments but also for recognising the integral role that school partners have played in this journey.

At the recent Schools Lunchtime Forum, an event that brought together champions of education, AFL SportsReady’s General Manager of Education and Employment for Victoria, Paul Broderick, took the stage to honour and bestow awards upon long-time partners who have stood with AFL SportsReady throughout the years. This event not only highlighted the achievements of these partners but also underscored the vital nature of collaboration in paving the way for young people’s success.

The crucial role of school partners has been an enduring cornerstone of the Schools Program success. These partnerships have provided a platform for growth, enabling young individuals to explore and unlock their potential while receiving valuable training and guidance.

The Forum served as a stage to express gratitude and admiration for these invaluable partners who have remained steadfast for a decade or more. The enduring relationships formed since 2004, 2007, and beyond have been integral to AFL SportsReady’s mission, and the awards presented were a symbol of the organisation’s deep appreciation.

A Legacy of Support:

Our Long-Term Partners

Since 2004, AFL SportsReady has supported an impressive 855 young people within schools, igniting their passion and preparing them for a brighter future. The commitment of partners has been instrumental in achieving this remarkable feat.

20+ Year Partners

Shaping Futures Since 2004

The schools that have joined forces with AFL SportsReady for over two decades have collectively empowered 393 Trainees. This extraordinary commitment has not only transformed Trainees lives but has contributed significantly to building a stronger school community by nurturing the talent of tomorrow.

Catholic College Sale, SALEMount Lilydale Mercy College, LILYDALE
Bass Coast College, WONTHAGGINotre Dame College, SHEPPARTON
Immanuel College, NOVAR GARDENSPeninsula Grammar, MOUNT ELIZA
John Septimus Roe Anglican Community School, MIRRABOOKASiena College, CAMBERWELL
Marcellin College, BULLEENWestminster School, MARION
Whitefriars College Inc, DONVALE

15+ Year Partners

Nurturing Talent Since 2007

Partnerships formed since 2007 have resulted in the support of 141 Trainees. The dedication of these schools has created a pathway for Trainees to navigate the complexities of the teaching world with confidence and competence.

Camberwell Grammar School, CANTERBURYMornington Secondary College, MORNINGTON
John Paul College, FRANKSTONBenalla P-12 College, BENALLA
Great Southern Grammar School, KALGANBerwick Secondary College, BERWICK

10+ Year Partners:

Collaborating Since 2004

Schools that have been partners for over a decade have seen the growth and development of 184 Trainees. This enduring collaboration is a testament to the shared commitment to shaping a brighter future for the younger generation.

Catholic College Wodonga, WODONGAElisabeth Murdoch College, LANGWARRIN
St Bede's College, MENTONEWoodleigh School, LANGWARRIN SOUTH
St Aloysius College, ADELAIDEWantirna College, WANTIRNA
Kingswood College, BOX HILL VICSacred Heart College, YARRAWONGA VIC
St Francis Catholic College, MELTON WESTMarist Regional College, BURNIE TAS
Woodcroft College, MORPHETT VALE SASalesian College Sunbury, SUNBURY VICSalesian College Sunbury, SUNBURY VIC

The Forum served as a reminder of the impact that enduring partnerships can have. It showcased the incredible journey of AFL SportsReady and its partners in creating opportunities, transforming lives and fostering a legacy of success.

As AFL SportsReady continues its mission to empower young people and guide them toward prosperous careers, it remains indebted to its long-term school partners. The recognition of these partners at the forum is just a small token of gratitude compared to the immense impact they have had on the lives of countless individuals.

The road ahead is undoubtedly filled with promise, potential, and endless opportunities. All of these are made possible through the collaborative efforts of AFL SportsReady and dedicated school partners.

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