From Trainee to YMCA Centre Manager!

From Trainee to YMCA Centre Manager!

From Trainee to YMCA Centre Manager!

Travis Sauer thought all hope was lost after receiving disappointing year 12 results but with the help of AFL SportsReady he is now managing one of the ‘most prestigious’ YMCA Centres in Victoria.

‘I started my traineeship in 1999 after I finished school. My VCE results were really poor so I thought I would go nowhere in life. I thought there was no hope and I had ruined my chances at ever finding a proper career path,’ Travis said.

‘I caught wind of AFL SportsReady from a friend and I applied. They found me a traineeship at Brighton Beach Health Club so I went for an interview there, along with six other potential trainees.’ he continued.

The traineeship gave Travis the opportunity to enter the sport and recreation industry without any previous experience or taking into account his year 12 results.

‘I went for the interview and got the job! I’m a sports nut so a career in the sporting industry was perfect and the best part was they didn’t care about my final score, so it gave me some hope for my career.’

Travis worked four days a week in reception at the health club whilst studying a Certificate III in Sport and Recreation.

‘It was a terrific experience and I was surrounded by incredible people through my traineeship and at work. The students I studied with become my mates and some of us still keep in touch today,’ exclaimed Travis.

‘The qualification was awesome because it covered everything from events to business and all aspects of sport and recreation,’ he added.

After completing his traineeship Travis was offered ongoing employment on reception at the health club before being promoted into a sales role.

‘I worked at Brighton Health Club for three years and was then promoted into sales thanks to the help of my host employer who gave me the confidence and networks I needed to further my career. They also helped me get a job at Beach House Fitness where I became an Area Manager.’

Travis stayed at Beach House Fitness for seven years until being offered a senior role at Somerville Fitness Centre which became a YMCA Centre. He then took up a manager position at YMCA Casey Aquatic and Recreation and Centre.

‘Now I’m the Centre Manager at one of Victoria’s most prestigious YMCA Centres!’

‘The traineeship helped in every way possible. From being completely lost to now working in a job I would have never thought possible,’ Travis said.

‘You will be amazed to see how far a traineeship can take you.’