From Trainee to School Leader

From Trainee to School Leader

Lauren Varadi’s journey serves as genuine inspo for individuals considering a career in education. In her office, during a busy intake period, we interviewed AFL SportsReady Alumni. Delving into her remarkable journey from being a Trainee at Berwick College to her current role as a Junior School Leader.

Her story is a great example of opportunities that arise from really committing to a traineeship.

Exploring the Traineeship Experience with Lauren, her journey began at Berwick College as a Trainee, offering invaluable insights into the education field. Reflecting on this time, she shared,

I took on the traineeship because I wanted to explore if it was the right career for me. It’s like a taste test – not teaching, but working with teachers, staff and students.

Lauren stresses the significance of using a traineeship as a “gap year” to explore career interests, especially for aspiring teachers.

It’s a perfect opportunity to dip your toes into the profession and discover your passion.

Studying and diving deeper into the teaching world, after her traineeship, Lauren pursued a Bachelor of Physical Education at the University of Ballarat (now Federation University). She fondly recalls her four years at the university, including a unique snow day experience. Lauren’s hands-on degree laid the foundation for her future success, noting its reputation for producing exceptional physical education teachers.

Taking the Leap, in 2017, Lauren returned to Berwick College, where she once studied as a student and trained as a Trainee.

Her transition from student to Trainee and then staff member was seamless, thanks to her pre-existing and ongoing connections with the school. Lauren’s commitment emphasises the potential of returning to your roots to build a fulfilling career.

Lauren’s adventures extended beyond Berwick as she embarked on a two-year teaching stint in London. Despite the challenges of a different education system, Lauren found the experience enriching. Reflecting on her decision to work abroad, she shared,

It was an excellent way to base myself somewhere for a couple of years, travel, and continue teaching.

Upon her return from London in 2021, Lauren reconnected with Berwick College, taking on various roles at the school. Including serving as the Assistant Student Leader and now the Junior School Leader.
Her dynamic career trajectory within the school highlights the possibilities that emerge when one is willing to adapt and grow.

In Lauren’s words, she encourages prospective Trainees to “give it your all” and actively become part of the school community.

She emphasises the importance of setting clear expectations, especially when dealing with potential conflicts of interest, such as knowing current students personally.

Lauren’s journey is a testament to the potential for growth and success that a traineeship offers as a solid foundation. Her story demonstrates the importance of using a traineeship as a stepping stone to explore a career path. Emphasising that with dedication, Trainees can achieve remarkable careers in the education field.

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