From Trainee to PE Teacher

From Trainee to PE Teacher

From Trainee to PE Teacher

Thanks to his Sport and Recreation traineeship with Moama Anglican Grammar School in NSW, Darcy Hall is not only teaching at the school full-time but has also been named the 2021 Year 8 Coordinator.

“Simply put, my traineeship led me to become a PE teacher,” said Darcy.

“The traineeship was a transformative experience because it ignited a passion in me for teaching. The reason I am in this role today is that I completed a traineeship in 2014,” he added.

When Darcy was in year 12, he wasn’t sure what he wanted to do after high school. All he knew is that he wanted to take a gap year. So, when a traineeship opportunity was mentioned, he thought this could be a huge advantage for his future.

“There was no better way to spend my gap year. I always had sport and health in the back of my mind so when the opportunity came up, I took it on thinking that this could be a benefit to me before I commence a University degree.” 

Darcy was right. His traineeship proved to be a benefit to him throughout the four years he studied a Bachelor of PE at Federation University in VIC.

“As soon as I got to uni, I felt I was miles ahead of the other students. I knew the fundamentals of teaching having experienced it first-hand through my traineeship. I felt equipped, I felt confident and capable and received the best grades in my first term at uni.” 

He also believes the education component of the traineeship complimented the coursework in his degree.

“My Certificate III in Sport and Recreation gave me a solid understanding of some of the fundamentals we learned in uni. One thing, in particular, was risk management which is something the Certificate really taught me and something that was focused on throughout my degree. My degree was like an extension of my traineeship. But the traineeship is what gave me that solid foundation.”  

Darcy points out that what differs from uni is the hands-on learning experience he received through his traineeship.

“In my traineeship, I was receiving hands-on experience from day one, rather than sitting and studying in a classroom which is a huge advantage point when going for a job in any industry.” 

“Another really key thing for me was the mentoring I received through my traineeship experience. I had teachers mentor and guide me through every step of my journey. There was someone there for me all the time. Whereas in uni you have one lecturer or teacher for 50 to maybe hundreds of students.” 

Darcy felt the traineeship was a springboard into his teaching career and shortly after he finished uni he was hired as a PE teacher at Nathalia Secondary College in VIC.

“What is really important to know about traineeships is that you make relationships and networks in the industry. Through my traineeship, I made strong friendships with the teachers and staff and so I was already known in the teaching industry. Because of this, I found a job straight away after I graduated from uni.” 

After a year at the school, an opportunity opened up at Moama Anglican Grammar, where Darcy had completed his high school years and where he took on his traineeship.

“Moama grammar contacted me right away when the role came up and I jumped at it. It is pretty amazing to think I am now working as PDHPE (Professional Development and Health & Physical Education) teacher here at the school that gave me my starting point.” 

Darcy’s final word of advice, “if you are a young person still thinking of what to do after high school, I seriously recommended considering a traineeship. Even if you don’t follow a career path in that industry what you gain is professional and life-long skills that will help you throughout your entire career journey. It’s an opportunity not to be missed.”

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This article is part of a series to highlight the real stories of young people who chose a Traineeship as their career pathway.

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Image: Darcy Hall