From Trainee to Consumer Sales at North Melbourne Football Club

From Trainee to Consumer Sales at North Melbourne Football Club

From Trainee to Consumer Sales at North Melbourne Football Club

Former trainee Jason Hinde believes his traineeship gave him the skills and experience that led him to work for the North Melbourne Football Club as Sales Consumer and Services Officer.

“My traineeship taught me how to thrive in a sporting environment. It opened me up as a person and helped me to become the best version of myself,” said Jason.

“Everything you learn throughout your traineeship gives you a huge advantage when applying for jobs. Whether you want to be a teacher, or work within sport like myself, the traineeship develops you and makes you industry ready. he added.

Jason completed his traineeship with Woodleigh School in Victoria in 2015 and studied a Certificate III in Sport and Recreation. After completing his traineeship, the school offered him ongoing work as the Assistant to the Director of Sports.

“It was a great feeling to be offered employment after graduating. I loved my traineeship with the school so to be able to continue the journey was incredibly exciting. 

It’s pretty amazing to see how far the traineeship can take you from the beginning of your journey after high school. 

 While completing my VCE I still really wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with my career after year 12.  

In year 12 you get pressured to try and chose a career pathway but for those students who are undecided it can be a very challenging time. I was one of those students, so when I saw the traineeship opportunity, I jumped at it and it led me to landing a fantastic job at North Melbourne Football Club. A career, I never thought would be possible.” 

The sporting industry was always a path that interested Jason and after his role with Woodleigh school he continued to work within the sporting environment, climbing his way up the ranks. However, it was his traineeship that provided him with the initial experience and skills that got the ball rolling.

The on-the-job learning I gained from my traineeship is ultimately what progressed my career and has landed me the awesome job I have now 

Having the ability to work full-time while you study is what sets traineeships apart from a university degree and it proves to be so important in the long run. Experience is everything and it will help you to stand out when you go for the job you want.” 

Jason is loving every part of his role with North Melbourne Football Club and hopes to continue to work within the industry he is passionate about.

You can watch Jason’s video here as young trainee in 2015 to see how far he has come: 

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Date: 10th September 2020

Image: Jason Hinde

Author: Marissa Pagliarello