From Trainee to Administrative Support Officer at The Smith Family

From Trainee to Administrative Support Officer at The Smith Family

From Trainee to Administrative Support Officer at The Smith Family

Proud Southern Arrernte woman, Luci McFarlane, had no idea that her traineeship would lead to her dream role as an Administrative Support Officer for The Smith Family’s Indigenous Youth Leadership Program. She believes the traineeship not only gave her lifelong skills but was the key to securing a full-time job.

“In year 12 I decided that I wanted an office job and to work for an organisation as reputable as The Smith Family, in a role that focuses on the Indigenous youth community, was everything to me,” said Luci.

“When I was younger, the Smith Family helped me by offering me a scholarship to attend boarding school, so to work for them now and to help other young Indigenous people just as I was, is incredibly rewarding,” she added.

Luci completed a traineeship with the Commonwealth Bank in Adelaide while studying a Certificate III in Business.

‘The banking industry wasn’t something I considered working in, but the traineeship opportunity was too good to pass up as it offered me on the job experience, a qualification and an income.”

The beauty of a traineeship is it doesn’t just get you a job in that industry, it goes beyond that.”

The traineeship equipped Luci with the skills, knowledge and experience that assisted her in gaining full time work.

“My traineeship gave me lifelong skills such as communication, organisation, time management and a good work ethic as well as more confidence and self-assurance. These skills not only got me the job, but will help me in all aspects of life.”

Luci believes that school isn’t for everyone and the experience and networks you make is just as important then having a degree on you resume when looking for work.

“I’m the perfect example of that. For me, the hands-on work experience was something that really appealed to me as I learn better on the job than in the classroom. A traineeship was the perfect option!

I really believe my traineeship set me up for my career and because of it I am in a job I absolutely love.”

This article is part of a series to highlight the real stories of young people who chose a Traineeship as their career pathway.

The ‘Careers are made through Traineeships’ article series features AFL SportsReady alumni demonstrating ‘where they ended up’ post Traineeship.

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Date: 3rd of September 2020

Image: Luci McFarlane

Author: Marissa Pagliarello