Former Trainee Takes On The World

Former Trainee Takes On The World

Former Trainee Takes On The World

Tasmanian country boy, Tom Allwright never thought he would be where he is today, travelling the globe as an adventure tour guide for his very own company and changing the world one expedition at a time.

The talented former Geelong player and AFL SportsReady graduate started his luxury escapade business, Adventure Abroad after his AFL playing career was cut short due to a knee injury.

“I feel like I have the best job in the world and it has become such a passion of mine that I don’t feel as though I am at work at all,”said Tom.

“We specialise in luxury bespoke adventure experiences around the world. Our most popular adventures include hiking around Mount Blanc and trekking to Everest basecamp.”

Tom’s company goes beyond adventure; he also takes the opportunity to combine philanthropy and tourism to raise money and awareness for causes he is passionate about.

“I recently came back from hiking Kokoda with the Cancer Council, we raised over $35 thousand towards cancer research,”he added.

While playing for Geelong, Tom took on a traineeship at the Victorian Fitness Academy to broaden his knowledge and skills in the fitness and health industry.

“I was always interested in the health and fitness industry so I took on a traineeship so I could dip my toe in the water.”

“After being drafted, I got bogged down with footy, being the only thing in my life. Geelong had some fantastic leaders including Tom Harley, who showed me that once he was content with his life away from football, his football started improving.” 

“Starting my traineeship was the start of this process for me and as a result, many years later, I am still continuing to sign up for business courses to further my education.”

After his traineeship Tom went onto complete a Commerce and Law Degree with Deakin University and practiced as a Pilates instructor and personal trainer before owning his own gym and finding his calling in adventure tourism.

“I always wanted to get into travel and do something that merged my love for health and adventure so that’s why I decided to take a leap of faith and start Adventure Abroad.”

“I feel so lucky to do what I truly love and have partnered with like minded and leading brands that have given my company the opportunity to explore some pretty incredible destinations.  From going on a retro car rally through the European Alps to hosting an Amazing Race in the Serengeti National Park to raise funds for charity, the adventures are endless.”

“The travel industry is so innovative and where we are at is a really interesting stage of its cycle, I would love to see where it all goes.”

Tom’s vision is to continue to inspire people through adventure and to change people’s mentality by opening their eyes to world.

We look for forward to seeing more great things from this ambitious, inspiring and talented Tassie local.

You can find out more about Tom’s company Adventure Abroad here:

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Date: 7th of December 2018

Author: Marissa Pagliarello

Image: Tom Allwright (Google images)