Fast Track Your Future Career In Football

Fast Track Your Future Career In Football

Fast Track Your Future Career In Football

At this point of your life your dream job may look like it’s far into the horizon and the idea of toiling away behind books can deter you from ever reaching it.

Our Sport Management and Leadership Program can help you get your foot in the door in one of the hardest industries to break into. You will be provided with work placement opportunities within an AFL Victoria affiliated club and or league, affording you the chance to build networks that in turn will you up for a future career in the football industry.

You will even earn a Certificate IV in Business and a Diploma of Sport Development along the way.


Alex Jovanovski completed the Sport Management and Leadership Program in 2014 and strongly believes he has gained an edge over others attempting to break into the competitive world of sport.

“I heard about AFL SportsReady in the past and decided to see what it was all about. I saw they had a range of traineeships, courses and programs that combined study and work experience and immediately I knew this was exactly what I was looking for!” he said.

The program, launched just last year, is in partnership with AFL Victoria to provide participants with the qualifications and experience they need to get into the sports industry.

“The sporting industry is not an easy one to break into. But once you have your foot in the door, an exciting and rewarding career in the sporting world lies ahead. I was able to not only hear from proven industry professionals, I was given the opportunity to complete placement into the sporting industry and gain direct entry into my university course.”

“I would learn about financing for particular events and then go into the club and begin financing for the game the week later! It gave me the opportunity to get a taste of the work and the industry I wanted to be in so I could determine so I could decide if I was 100% certain this was the right career path for me,” Alex said.

Alex is now the Match Day Manager at the Werribee Football Club, aiming to give the fans the best experience in the VFL.

He explains “Building a network and getting to know colleagues that are already established in the industry has placed me in a great position when it comes time for me to land my dream job.”


Stephanie Aiello also completed the program last year and is excited for where the SportsReady experience could take her.

“The Sports Management and Leadership Program was awesome! It incorporated on the job training with a Certificate IV in Business and a Diploma of Sport Development. I was learning the theory at Victoria Park two days a week and placement the next two days,” she said.

“I wasn’t ready to jump straight into uni, I thought it would be a better decision to take a gap year. Thanks to AFL SportsReady I was able to maximise my gap year and now I have two qualifications plus a network of people in the sporting industry.”

She says “The program inspired to me to keep striving for my dreams in sport and pursue a career in player recruitment/development at an elite level. This year I will be studying a double degree in Bachelor of Sports Science and Bachelor of Sports Management at Victoria University.”

The Sport Management and Leadership Course provides quality learning and education and on-the-job-experience, which is crucial for establishing a career in the football industry. The course also provides pathways into our University partners, a bonus if further study is on the cards.

“In completing this program I feel that I have gained valuable life experience within the workforce. I have also been able to obtain a certificate and diploma qualifications! At the start I was hesitant whether I wanted to pursue a career in sport but this reaffirmed that this is what I want to do!” he said.

Places for this course are limited as the industry is highly competitive, so if you want to fast track your career with AFL Vic, clink the link below and get your career in gear!

It’s time to fast track your future with us.