ArtsReady Traineeship Opens Doors for the Talented Tamanna

ArtsReady Traineeship Opens Doors for the Talented Tamanna

ArtsReady Traineeship Opens Doors for the Talented Tamanna

At only 21, Tamanna Kaul is taking the Arts and Creative Industry by storm.

Thanks to her ArtsReady traineeship with Multicultural Arts Victoria (MAV) she has been given the opportunity to learn and grow in an industry she loves, and the outcomes have so far been inspiring.

“I think one of the best things about a traineeship is that it opens you up to a world of opportunities. I have always loved art but didn’t know there were so many areas to work in,” said Tamanna.

“My traineeship has given me the chance to learn and evolve both creatively and professionally. I believe it has made me a much wiser and better person,” she added,

Tamanna was inspired to take on a traineeship in 2018 after her friends advised her it would be a great opportunity to launch a career in the arts.

“It was perfect for me because a career in this industry is where I see myself in. So, a traineeship is a great segue into that. I get experience, a Certificate III in Business and build networks that will set me up for the future.”

Tamanna applied for the Trainee Project Officer role with MAV and was employed as a trainee at the beginning of 2018, following a two-year break after finishing high school.

“I wanted to take some time off after school to focus on my passions; Musical theatre and art. The traineeship came at the perfect time for me because I felt I was ready to explore my career possibilities.”

In her role, Tamanna assisted in the programs team helping draw up contracts for artists and supported the team with events.

“It was an exciting and straight forward role. Being a creative, it was great to come into work every day and see the logistical side of the arts industry, and how much work artists must do behind the scenes. It was very inspiring to see people making a living out of music and art. It gave me an urge stay focused and work hard, as now I felt my goals were more achievable.”  

Tamanna also had the opportunity to assist in the stage management department before and during events hosted by MAV.

“This was one of the most amazing jobs I have ever had. It was a challenging but an incredibly fun job.”

“I realised this is something I can really see myself in.”

In December 2018 Tamanna assisted with the stage management of the Nelson Mandela Event at MPavillion.

“I helped with everything from liaising with artists before the event, organising stage sets and logistics to assisting the team run the event smoothly on the day and making sure the artists and performers were on time and ready to go.

“Working in this field allowed me to develop a greater appreciation for these productions. The amount of hard work, long hours, blood, sweat and tears that go into these events is just outstanding. And to watch it all come together in the end, it is a feeling like no other.”

Taking a strong interest in stage management, Tamanna continued to work in the area and was given the opportunity to run her own kids workshop at the Victorian Multicultural Festival (VMF).

“I found that everything was flowing very easily career wise. I wanted to run a workshop for a few months but didn’t know where to start, until I got the incredible opportunity from MAV to run my first one at the VMF!”

Tamanna is a creative all-rounder, aside from her traineeship she is busy studying acting with the Victorian College of the Arts and has her own business where she paints ukuleles and photographs events. She is an aspiring  Music Theatre performer.

“MAV have been so supportive and understanding throughout my studies and my business. They are flexible with my hours and always offer me advice and encouragement in my creative endeavours.”

“I really feel like the Certificate III I studied through my traineeship not only helped me in my role but it gave me all the knowledge and skills I need to run my own business.”

(Veronica Pardo, CEO of Multicultural Arts Victoria with Tamanna and ArtsReady General Manager, Andrew Murray at this year’s Victorian graduation ceremony)

Tamanna completed her traineeship on April 26th 2019 and is planning to focus on growing her brand while continuing her Music Theatre studies. She will be returning to MAV to assist with stage management and to run more workshops in the future.

“Through my traineeship I learnt how important the arts and creative industry is. I am so passionate about creativity and I want to always inspire adults and young people through art.

Art makes me feel alive and happy, it allows me to express myself and be who I am. I want to share this with others.

Thanks to ArtsReady I can affirm this is where I want to be.”

To see Tamanna’s beautiful artwork and photographs you can visit her website here:

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Date: 28th April 2019

Image: Tamanna with her artwork

Author: Marissa Pagliarello