ArtsReady Trainees Helping to Revive the Arts Through VR & AR

ArtsReady Trainees Helping to Revive the Arts Through VR & AR

ArtsReady Trainees Helping to Revive the Arts Through VR & AR

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies are playing a leading role in reviving the arts and creative industries after the devastating toll COVID-19 has had on the sector. One organisation who is at the forefront, is Ignition Immersive, a Melbourne based media studio who are not only helping to reignite the industry but are revolutionising the world with VR and AR and we have two trainees who are a part of that exciting journey.

We spoke to Film Director, Darren Vukasinvoic, the Chief Dreamer at Ignition Immersive, to gain an insight into the invigorating and wonderful world of VR and AR, the incredible work his team are doing within the arts and creative industries and to learn what inspired him to take on trainees.

“When I started the studio, around 14 people had come through internships, that we upskilled and then employed. And I think it’s a really good model because we are talking about an industry where there aren’t any veterans. It’s a really exciting field for someone to come into,” Said Darren.

This year Darren has taken on two trainees through our ArtsReady program, proud Wathaurong men Lewis Clarke and Lachlan Kinsey as part of the First Peoples Creative Industries Traineeship program – an initiative between ArtsReady and the Victorian Government. Both trainees are currently working at Ignition Immersive as Associate Producers.

“It’s really, really hard for people to get involved in the arts and the media industry and it’s one of the great things traineeships are doing because it creates an opportunity to give somebody an opportunity.”

Darren is deeply passionate about the VR and AR world and firmly believes in creating new opportunities for young people within this industry, so they can learn the skills of this important and exciting immersive technology that has potential to change the world.

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In partnership with the Victorian Government, ArtsReady is now offering Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Peoples unique pathway traineeships with popular Victorian-based creative companies, through the new First Peoples Creative Industries Traineeships program. The program is a progressive initiative to allow young people the opportunity to get their career started in  Victoria’s creative sector.

DATE: 23rd November 2020

AUTHOR: Marissa Pagliarello

IMAGE: Lewis Clarke