ArtsReady Trainee Blog – Reconciliation Week

ArtsReady Trainee Blog – Reconciliation Week

ArtsReady Trainee Blog – Reconciliation Week

This week was different but in a good way, I’ve always wanted to work within a company that takes the time to recognise Reconciliation Week. I was able to explore, research and produce content to put on our social media platforms. I love doing the creative side of things. Leading up to the week I interviewed an amazing Indigenous trainee Andrea Daniels and AFL SportsReady Field Officer/Indigenous Mentor Glen Ella gaining insight to their experience within their roles and goals they wish to achieve. I worked closely with the Senior Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander Project Officer Madison who is a part of the AFL SportsReady Queensland team and conversed ideas with my supervisor and mentor Marissa.

Together we came up with a plan and a map of how we were going to execute the content we had worked on. I felt confident enough to express my ideas and they were really impressed. I researched movies, books, documents and resources for everyone to be able to engage in, get to know and if they had the time to check out. There was a lot of amazing pieces that even I took note of some things for myself.

After interviewing, I was able to focus on writing articles, these were the first 2 I had ever written. Marissa and Fi set aside time to explain and put together documents to help me understand the process of article writing and to understand the format of producing this type of content. It wasn’t until halfway through the week that we shared these pieces, I was surprised, and excited and felt like I had accomplished something that was completely new to me. My first ever articles were published to the public, this was a massive milestone and step for me as this was just coming up to my first month being employed with AFL SportsReady. I personally wasn’t expecting to have accomplished something like this within the first month, but it gave me confidence and encouragement to continue to strive and set goals for myself.

My mentor Marissa has been an awesome guide inspiring me to express myself through writing, I have a lot of confidence in her and her opinions. She helps me to execute my best work and is so supportive along the journey of my many drafts.

Throughout this journey of starting my traineeship to now, I feel like I am growing more into the person I aspire to be. Learning about business, social media and marketing; has always been a big interest to me over the last few years, but I didn’t think I’d be able to learn firsthand all 3 at the same time. This opportunity has really allowed me to focus, build upon myself and trust in my capabilities. Personally, I believe traineeships are a great way to get experience as you get to learn firsthand if it is or isn’t for you, for me, I have confidence that I’ve found my passion which is what keeps me motivated.

I think when you follow your passions everything falls into place, for me work doesn’t feel like work because it’s something I really want to know the ins and outs of and aim to excel in moving forward.

As part of our trainee blog series, Dakota will be sharing her traineeship journey!

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