AFL SportsReady’s tips to tackle exams

AFL SportsReady’s tips to tackle exams

AFL SportsReady’s tips to tackle exams

It’s that time of year again, exam time! For some of you, you might have these next few months under control but for most this stressful period might result in a major freak out. If you’re already starting to feel the pressure, don’t worry it’s totally normal.

We came up with five top tips to help you survive exams:

1. Clear it up.
Make sure your study space is well organised and clear. Have all your papers and revision notes for each subject in separate piles to avoid your brain from getting confused!

2. Revise, revise, revise!
Revise your little heart out and do it in creative ways! The more you revise, the more prepared you will be. Some good ways to revise is to write out your stuff by hand over and over again. This technique will help the information resonate in your brain a lot more efficiently then typing! You can even make a song of the things you need to remember or associate certain things with your own events or experiences. For E.G the French revolution began in 1789, Taylor Swift’s new album is called 1989 and your age is 17.

3. Work it out.
Don’t just barricade yourself in the study or library and go into hibernation mode, take time to work out. Research has found that just half an hour of physical activity can improve your brain processing speed! So after an hour of revision go for a jog, do a few star jumps or pump out a few push ups then get back into the books.

4. Stay cool.
When you feel like having a freak out, stay cool, calm and collected or have a kit kat and take a break. Don’t let the pressure get to you as you might do some serious damage to yourself and your wellbeing. If it’s getting a little crazy, just take a deep breath and step away from the screen. Taking regular breaks can boost your productivity and improve your focus!

If you are a school based trainee and need some extra support for exam time we have a program aimed at promoting and enhancing health, wellbeing and providing support when needed! Check it out here.

Otherwise Headspace has an awesome exam support program that can give you all the help you need! 

DATE: 15 OCTOBER, 2015