AFL SportsReady trainee plays key role in ocean rescue

AFL SportsReady trainee plays key role in ocean rescue

AFL SportsReady trainee plays key role in ocean rescue

AFL SportsReady trainee Jack Wood has been praised for his instrumental role in the rescue of 2 fishermen off the coast of Ulverstone in Tasmania.


The young Surf Lifesaver recently helped to spot and rescue the anglers after their boat capsized, leaving them to tread water for several hours.

‘We were at the beach training our new volunteers when a member of the public told us they could hear someone out in the water and they were really struggling,’ the Patrolling Officer explained.

It was at that moment the 18 year old sprang into action. He radioed his new recruits in a rubber dingy carefully directing them towards the location of the two men, around one kilometre away from shore.

The young gun described his relief at the successful rescue, with the pair treated for hyperthermia after their return to dry land. While the high-pressure performance of his crew-in-training also filled him with enormous pride.

‘If it wasn’t for them, things would have turned out very differently. They were really capable in the heat of the moment and they definitely learnt from the whole experience too,’ he reflected.

Meanwhile, Jack’s ability to perform under pressure and his leadership skills demonstrated during the rescue are now even translating through to his AFL SportsReady traineeship at Marist Regional College.

‘I’m managing a lot of the school’s sporting teams and doing some coaching too. I’m involved in everything from soccer and football, right through to netball. It’s been great because there’s a lot of variety,’ he said.

While Jack continues his Lifesaving volunteer work he is also excited at his future prospects, thanks to his traineeship opportunity.

‘The best part is the flexibility of being able to study and also work at the same time. Right now I am really enjoying the life and education experience as a trainee – and I can do that thanks to AFL SportsReady.’

DATE: 4th of May 2016
IMAGE CREDIT: The Advocate,