A Solid Foundation for Future Growth

A Solid Foundation for Future Growth

In the heart of Melbourne’s bustling CBD, at 150 Collins Street, lies the Victorian Chamber of Commerce – an institution that served as the training ground for individuals like Thomas Morris. Recently, Thomas, an ambitious individual, completed his Certificate III Business Traineeship. In this article, we delve into his experiences and explore the wealth of opportunities that have blossomed from this solid foundation.

Thomas Morris’s traineeship at the Victorian Chamber of Commerce culminated in a resounding success, as he achieved his Certificate III in Business while working as a ‘Membership Services Officer.’ What’s even more exciting is that Thomas will continue his journey with VCC.

Now working as a part-time employee, dedicating three days a week to the same role that ignited his professional growth. This continuity is a testament to the merit and value he brought to the organisation during his traineeship.

Thomas is not one to rest on his laurels. He is pursuing additional educational opportunities to further bolster his career prospects:

Bachelor of Law: Thomas is currently in the first year of a Bachelor of Law course at RMIT, with exams just around the corner. His aspiration to become a lawyer is firmly on track, and the experience gained during his traineeship is already proving to be a valuable asset in this pursuit.

Diploma of Engineering: Looking even further ahead, Thomas is considering enrolling in a course for a Diploma of Engineering at Kangan Institute. This diversification into engineering demonstrates his commitment to continuous learning and growth.

Thomas’s journey has been marked by determination and optimism.

When asked about his experience, he shared several thoughts and feelings:

Thomas enthusiastically stated that he would gladly relive his traineeship experience, underscoring its vital role in his professional development.

Acknowledging the traineeship’s less attractive pay, Thomas emphasised the intrinsic value of the experience, emphasising that it has paved the way for numerous forthcoming opportunities, spanning employment and education.

Originally aspiring to be a lawyer, Thomas’s career perspective experienced a shift during the traineeship. He now sees it as a unique leverage point that has opened his eyes to a wealth of diverse opportunities, surpassing his initial career aspirations.

Laichi Wong, Thomas’s supervisor, offered thoughts on the traineeship model and its impact on both Thomas and the Victorian Chamber of Commerce.

Laichi offered a highly positive assessment of the traineeship, viewing it as an immensely beneficial experience for both Thomas and the Victorian Chamber of Commerce (VCC). Thomas brought a fresh, new-generation perspective to the organisation, which enriched their dynamic, while he, in turn, flourished within the professional environment.

Discussing the age gap between Trainees and Supervisors, Laichi found it intriguing, noting that it added an interesting dimension to the learning experience. Highlighting that this diversity in age and experience ultimately contributed to a richer learning environment for everyone involved.

Thomas Morris’s experience with the Victorian Chamber of Commerce is a testament to the potential that traineeships hold. It has not only provided him with a solid foundation for his future but has also enriched the VCC with fresh perspectives. As Thomas continues his education and professional growth, his story stands as a shining example of the value of traineeships and the opportunities they can unlock for individuals.

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