The 4th Quarter

The 4th Quarter

The 4th Quarter

Get a courtside seat as we sit down with NBL Hall of Famer Cal Bruton, to talk racism and resilience. 

AFL SportsReady is a leading education provider and our mission is to bring light to this issue through the power of stories. 

We all know Cal Bruton as an NBL Player, Championship Coach and NBL Hall of Famer, but very few people would know about his childhood and the horrendous things he’s experienced and dealt with from a very young age. 

At 7, his dad was murdered, and he became the man of the house. His mum was taken away from him when he was 12, he had white kids try to set him on fire, he’s played games of basketball in Australia where spectators have dressed up as members of the Klan… Cal has seen and witnessed racism his entire life; from the 60’s and the civil rights movement to the current events we are witnessing now with the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement.  

As a black man living in Australia, Cal is on a mission to share his experience of racism, so that today’s generation doesn’t have to experience what he went through. 

“You have to believe in the dreams inside of you and have that be your awakening to constantly go out every day and try to achieve something for the next-gen.” 

Listen to Cal’s story here with AFL SportsReady CEO, James Montgomery 


So what can you do? Reconciliation Australia has put together some tips and strategies you can use to support the stand against racism. You can find them here.