Current and former First Nation trainees were encouraged to enter our art competition, in partnership with the National Careers Institute (NCI), to showcase the traineeship experience through their eyes.

We received amazing submissions and there were very little votes separating first and third place. Please join us in congratulating the winners!



<b>Path for the future</b><br>- Anneka Wells

1st Place: “Path for the future” by Anneka Wells

Anneka Wells is a proud Palwa woman from Tasmania who completed her school-based traineeship at Commonwealth Bank Australia while studying a Certificate III in Business.

Artwork Meaning:

I used posca pens to create the dots to shine a light on my heritage and the colours represent different meanings as the first one is starting my journey next is my family support and love to find what I wanted to do and go for the traineeship then yellow represents my new beginning in my traineeship and then once I had done a year the different pathways I had to chose green is my veterinarian career yellow is continuing with my traineeship, red is following my grandfathers footsteps on following our culture and teaching the young people and yellow and blue together is my dream of my rugby career and taking the risk on that to see how far I go.




<b>The Pathway </b><br>- Maxwell Kooreman

2nd place: “Step by Step” by Tarna Stewart

Tarna Stewart is a proud Ngarrindjeri and Kanaka woman from Queensland who is currently completing her traineeship at ANZ bank and is studying a Certificate III in Business.

Artwork Meaning:

This Artwork was made to show my culture and my journey. I have used the ANZ symbol to represent where I am starting my journey into the big worlds. I have also painted three of my cultures flags (South Sea, Torres Strait and Aboriginal) on the right side of the flags there is a dot painting representing the sport I love playing (netball). It shows I travel around to different places for my netball commitments. The green dot painting represent nature as I love going outside and seeing wild animals, land sites and our cultural heritage. Lastly the footprints and bird prints represent me and my families totem (Scrub hen) showing I have people guiding and supporting me along the way with my journey.

I am a descendant of the Gungandjii Tribe from Yarribah, North Queensland and the Kalkadoon Tribe from West of Townsville, Mt Isa area.



<b>Step by Step</b><br>- Tarna Stweart

3rd place: “The Pathway” by Maxwell Kooreman

Maxwell Kooreman is a proud Birpi man from Queensland who is a current trainee at Kmart in Aspley and is studying a Certificate II in Business.

Artwork Meaning:

My artwork is about the people who influenced and supported me during my traineeship. The AFL staff have been excellent, and I would like to show my gratitude by acknowledging my mentors, James, Shirley, Malita, John, and Bianca, for guiding me through my traineeship. My highlights are learning and gaining new experiences that come with knowledge. Kmart has exposed me to learn a range of different tasks in the workplace.

They consist of Registers, Customer service (returned goods, telephone, and layby), Online orders, Stocking shelves, Packing stock away, Stocktake

I have learnt to deal with all staff levels, including the manager, supervisor, floor staff and customers. I have become more confident and open to new experiences without hesitation. I highly recommend that all school students take the opportunity to say “yes” to future traineeships. This can lead and expand their knowledge to gain future employment once they complete school. Completing the ‘Cert II in Business’ has also helped me achieve my goals with my schoolwork (excellent grades) and my personal life (career goals). I am looking at future employment opportunities after completing my traineeship. I feel confident about my future career path. I didn’t recognise myself when I started this journey. I am happy with my progress in becoming a young man and a leader.



Thank you to every artist who entered our competition and for sharing your personal journey as a trainee. Each artwork was beautiful in its own way and every meaning was deeply impactful. We are so proud of these inspiring entries and each artist should be extremely proud of what they have created.

We launched this competition in partnership with the NCI  to showcase the traineeship experience through the eyes of a former or current First Nations trainee and we believe the outcome of this competition achieved exactly that.

We also hope this competition helped to raise awareness of the benefits of completing traineeships, how they contribute to creating future opportunities and will encourage more Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people to explore traineeships as a career pathway.

Anneka’s winning artwork will become part of our Warumilang program and used to promote the traineeship program to First Nation communities.

For a full list of artworks submitted, please check out our Competition gallery here.

For more information about the work we do with First Nations peoples, visit our dedicated Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Employment program, Warumilang by clicking here.

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The First Nations Art Competition is an initiative of AFL SportsReady, proudly supported by the National Careers Institute (NCI)