School-based Traineeships Help Students to get the Best Start in Their Career

School-based Traineeships Help Students to get the Best Start in Their Career

School-based Traineeships Help Students to get the Best Start in Their Career

At just 16, Patrick (Pat) Dobing took on an Indigenous school-based traineeship at ANZ Bank Wodonga while completing his high school studies. Thanks to the traineeship Pat is reaching new heights, thriving in a second traineeship, and managing a successful side business which he believes wouldn’t be possible without this program.

“I chose to do a school-based traineeship because it would give me hands-on work experience in a bank, I would be able to study a Certificate II in Business while I was still at school plus, I would be getting paid, which would later down the track assist me in creating a business,” Pat said.

What this would mean is that I would have a head start leading into my future.

To have an opportunity while you are still in high school, where you get to experience working in the banking industry, communicating with adults, meeting new people, getting a taste of what it could be like in a working environment – for a 16/17-year-old that is incredible,” he added.

Pat took on the traineeship in 2018 after hearing about the opportunity from the Koori Leader at his high school, Wodonga Senior Secondary.

“The opportunity sounded fantastic, I really loved the fact I would be working at a bank and dealing with finance as I really enjoyed mathematics. 

I had all the support when applying for the role as we have a great careers team who helps kids with these opportunities.

I think it is really important these traineeship opportunities are discussed more in schools because they give a young person so much and if I wasn’t told about them, I wouldn’t be in the position I am today.”

Pat loved every second of his traineeship. He felt he was learning so many new skills and getting a real understanding of what it could be like if he decided on a career in banking.

“The experience was amazing. I was handling money, dealing with cheques to buy cars and I was given all this responsibility. Although it felt like there was some pressure, I grew so much in the two years I was doing my traineeship, not only professionally but on a personal level.  

I became more mature, I learnt how to time manage since I was juggling high school and the traineeship, I was gaining these amazing diverse skills that put me a head of everyone else my age.

And the experience just continued to get better and better. I was given more responsibilities. My team really trusted me and as a young teenager, this is extremely rewarding.”

Halfway through his traineeship, Pat decided to open his own business in repairing and building computers, something he is passionate about.

“Having the traineeship at ANZ gave me the confidence and the income to start my own business

My business is doing really well. I have lots of work on and I’m supporting local community events with IT.

The person who runs these events, I worked with at the bank, so my traineeship has given me actual networks that has contributed to the success of my side business as well as everything else.”

After completing his traineeship over two years, his supervisor at ANZ was so impressed with his performance they offered him on-going work.

“At this point I was just 17 years old, so it came as a total shock to me that my employers wanted to keep me on!

I really felt inspired by this, and it made me realise that I do have potential. That I can succeed in whatever I do.”

Pat continued working at the bank for another 3 months until he saw an opportunity to do an IT traineeship at a primary school.

“I loved the bank, and I am so grateful for the skills and knowledge I learnt because it set me up for my life however, my real passion is in IT so when I saw this opportunity I couldn’t refuse. The bank was very supportive of my decision, and they were sad to see me go but they said if the traineeship doesn’t work out, they would happily have me back straight away!”

Pat’s second traineeship is a full-time Certificate III in IT with Kestral, a local employment agency, at Wodonga Primary school, where he works alongside the main systems administrator helping with IT.

 “I help with repairing computers, keeping the network up and doing general maintenance. The experience I am gaining is amazing and my supervisor told me I won’t get this type of experience anywhere else because at a school there are so many components you need to deal with from network to hardware systems.

 I am also transferring the skills I gained through my school-based traineeship into this traineeship. I have a lot more confidence and my communication skills and time management skills are excellent.”

Pat believes that no matter what he does in his career the tools and life skills he gained in his school-based traineeship will always benefit him and help him to thrive.  We look forward in seeing what the future holds for this talented young man!

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Date: 13th of August 2021
Author: Marissa Pagliarello
Image: Patrick is with the Wodonga ANZ Branch Manager at the time – Emma Kirkbride.