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Mount Lillydale Mercy College


Outdoor lover, sport enthusiast and adventure seeker Isabella Andueza jumped at the chance to work as an Outdoor Ed teacher with Mount Lilydale College. To be a trainee and get paid was the icing on the cake.

The traineeship role aligns closely with Isabella’s passions, so it’s no wonder she is completing some amazing tasks for the school. Helping out with their Outdoor Ed carnival and going along to school camps, Isabella has been snowboarding, hiking, swimming with seals, canoeing, skiing, rock climbing and zip lining. The perfect traineeship ride for an adrenalin junkie.

Her absolute favourite trip was going to Falls Creek with a group of year 10 students where she led the group and guided them through many outdoor activities. Another highlight for Isabella was studying her Certificate III in Sport and Recreation as she is now even more confident in the field and will use her qualification to take on bigger career dreams.

For Isabella the AFL SportsReady journey has been nothing but fun, beneficial and exciting.

“Hands down it’s been the best experience of my life! I have had the opportunity to do awesome things but at the same time I studied, got paid and worked as an Outdoor Ed teacher, what more could you ask for!”