New South Wales

The University of Technology Sydney (UTS) is AFL SportsReady’s exclusive educational partner in New South Wales. Students who successfully complete one of the following Diplomas will be eligible for entry in the C10342 Bachelor of Management or C10026 Bachelor of Business.

These courses will be held in the UTS city campus:

SIS50612 Diploma of Sport Development
BSB51107 Diploma of Management
BSB51107 Diploma of Management
C10342 Bachelor of Management
C10342 Bachelor of Management
C10026 Bachelor of Business

Note: 1. A Business subject is equivalent to 6 credit points.

2. AFL SportsReady students are required to apply through the University Admission Centre (http://www.uac.edu.au/undergraduate/).The UAC codes for the above UTS courses are as follows: 601065 Bachelor of Management 601030 Bachelor of Business (full-time) 601035 Bachelor of Business (part-time)

3. The link to UTS Business courses 2015 handbook are as follows:
a. C10342 Bachelor of Management http://handbook.uts.edu.au/courses/c10342.html
b. C10026 Bachelor of Business http://handbook.uts.edu.au/courses/c10026.html