New pathways with Queensland (QLD) Cricket

New pathways with Queensland (QLD) Cricket

New pathways with Queensland (QLD) Cricket

Cricket is on the go in Queensland which means new career opportunities for young cricket-lovers across the state. Impressed with the benefits of taking on trainees, QLD Cricket is continuing the partnership with AFL SportsReady employing more young people.

Tony Hampson, QLD Cricket Regional Development Manager of North & Far North Queensland hosted trainees Daniel Kearney, Daine Macdonald and Jasper Sumner over the last 12 months.

‘When the opportunity to invest in a trainee was discussed, we felt this was a great way to gain a valuable employee at a young age, provide them with an opportunity to learn about the sport and recreation industry through Qld Cricket’ said Mr Hampson.

‘The trainees’ enthusiasm to learn about the operations of the organisation and their desire to help improve and grow the game of cricket has been impressive and really given the region new life’ he added.

Daniel and Daine were located at QLD Cricket in Townsville while Jasper was based in Cairns.

‘The boys are very eager to learn and also bring lots of fresh ideas to the table.’

‘They are also very passionate about the game and bring a positive and personable attitude to meeting all people in the cricket community,’ explained Mr Hampson.

The trainees’ were responsible for helping grow the game at a grassroots level in schools. They also worked alongside the Regional Cricket Officers, promoting the sport and planning key events.

‘Having the trainees has helped us to cover more schools and allowed our Regional Cricket Officers to focus their energy on better supporting club and associations in the preparation for their season.

Mr Hampson went on to say, ‘It’s been an awesome experience and AFL SportsReady has been very supportive in communicating clear expectations for everyone, which has assisted us all to ensure a positive standard is being met and the program has been positive for all involved.’

Pleased with the benefits of taking on a trainee, QLD Cricket will be taking on more trainees soon.

Both Daniel and Daine have secured full-time work with the organisation and Jasper will finish his traineeship in April.

AFL SportsReady is also excited to announce that AFL QLD and QLD Cricket have joined forces to employ a young person through a new joint traineeship program.

This partnership is currently being run in Mackay with trainee Bo Saunders.

If you are interested in taking on a trainee for your organisation contact our State Managers to find our more. Click here for details.