National Reconciliation Week Reflection

National Reconciliation Week Reflection

National Reconciliation Week Reflection

National Reconciliation Week (NRW) is a special week where we celebrate the cultures of First Nations people and honour our shared history. The week also encourages us to reflect on ways we can create change to create a more just, equitable and reconciled Australia, tying into this year’s theme Be Brave Make Change.

 To support this year’s NRW our staff went out and about in community to support events that were held around the states so that we could further our understanding of our First Nations people and learn about more ways we could make small changes to contribute to our shared reconciliation journey.

In Victoria some of our staff attended the Worawa College Reconciliation Sports Carnival held in Healesville. The event brings together Government, Catholic and Independent schools in the spirit of reconciliation to share sporting, cultural and social exchange. The AFLSR team supported the event by holding traditional First Nations Games for primary school children which involved games like Pulyugge or ball tag.

(AFLSR staff at the Worawa College Reconciliation Sports Carnival)

Some staff attended the NRW event at Yarra Valley Water, one of our host partners, which was a wonderful event that demonstrated and showed how First Nations Culture is embedded in the Yarra Valley Water practices, processes, and systems. It was also an opportunity for them to share one of their programs, Trust for Nature, which gets young First Nations people involved in a completing a traineeship and studying a Certificate in Land Management to encourage more youth to learn about rehabilitating the land using Aboriginal methodology.

(AFLSR staff with Yarra Valley Water staff at their event)

Our SA team went to an event by SYC and Job Prospects which involved working with year 12 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander graduates, training them and placing them into work before June 30th. Our staff were there to chat to students about roles we currently have available in Adelaide.

(SYC and Job Prospects event)

Internally, our staff were sent special packages from our First Nations team which included a set of activities including a written Acknowledgment to Country, a set of flags (Australian, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander), encouraged team yarning circles discussing what being brave and making a change means, some friendly quiz competition and more. The purpose of the activities was to strengthen the understanding of First Nations peoples and culture and to show small but meaningful ways we all can contribute to making change such as, knowing how to say an Acknowledgment to Country.

(The AFLSR VIC team holding up a sign with the name of the country they are on)

In addition we also highlighted some of the inspiring stories of our First Nations alumni which you can check out on our social pages here.

Although NRW is over, AFLSR will continue make changes both and big and small whether it be by furthering our knowledge of First Nations culture through events, workshops and getting out into community more often, or providing more opportunities for First Nations young people through our traineeship and cadetship programs.

The work does not stop here for us.

To find out more about what we do in the First Nations space visit: https://aflsportsready.com.au/warumilang/