How A Traineeship Gave Zack Another Way Into Uni

How A Traineeship Gave Zack Another Way Into Uni

How A Traineeship Gave Zack Another Way Into Uni

Zack Brown dreamed of becoming a teacher, however after receiving a low ATAR score after completing year 12, he realised the course he aimed to get into was out of reach.

Fast forward one year and thanks to his AFL SportsReady traineeship Zack was able to get into his course and is now on the road to his dream job.

“The traineeship offered me another pathway into uni, just when I thought all hope was lost,” said Zack, 19.

“When I saw my ATAR I just knew I wouldn’t be able to get into the Education course I wanted and suddenly, I felt completely stuck.

 I really didn’t know what path to take or what to do,” he added.

It wasn’t until one of his high school teachers suggested the traineeship program when Zack’s eyes began to light up.

“I was wrapped! One minute I felt lost, the next I was encouraged to take on a traineeship opportunity which not only would help me get into uni but would give me a whole year of work experience in teaching and the best bit – I get paid.”

In 2019 Zack’s traineeship journey began. He worked as a PE assistant at Kosciuszko St Primary School in Traralgon (VIC) where he assisted the PE teachers with admin and planning, coordinating sports carnivals and recreation programs while studying a Certificate III in Sport and Recreation.

“It was the best experience. Even better than going straight to uni because I had a year of actually working in a school and supporting the teachers. So before even starting my degree, I had a solid insight into life as a teacher which boosted my confidence like you wouldn’t believe.”

 I also learnt many vital skills for my adult life and was supported by an amazing AFL SportsReady Field Officer all year round.”

Zack completed his traineeship with flying colours and was able to get direct entry into Federation University, studying a Bachelor of Education.

 “I can’t believe a year ago I was stressing about my career, thinking my ATAR was the be-all and end-all. Now I am exactly where I want to be and behind me a whole year of experience in the industry. Taking on the traineeship has been the best I have ever made.”

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DATE: 23rd of January 2020

AUTHOR: Marissa Pagliarello

IMAGE: Zack Brown