2018 Graduation Highlights

2018 Graduation Highlights

2018 Graduation Highlights

The recent New South Wales Graduation has marked the end of another successful season of graduation ceremonies around the country. This year’s theme, “The Start of Something Great,” was highlighted at each and every event through the stories and personal achievements that were shared by our graduating class.

We couldn’t be prouder of our trainees and students and wish you every success in the next part of your career journey.

As one trainee puts it, “The graduations are a special night for everyone involved including trainees, host employers, parents and staff. The graduations are a chance for everybody to come together to celebrate and recognise all the hard work that goes into the program,” said AFL SportsReady trainee and Victorian HostPlus Rising Star Award Winner, Domenica Molluso.

AFL SportsReady would also like to acknowledge and thank the supportive host employers and partners, who provide young people with a platform to kick-start their future and are committed to seeing them achieve their dreams. Without your support, programs like this wouldn’t be possible.

Class of 2018 Winners:

Trainee of the Year

  • Edwin Pretyman – Tasmania
  • Madison Hurley – South Australia
  • Titit Nyak – Victoria
  • Emma Van Kalken – Queensland
  • Teegan Burns – Western Australia
  • Amy Dwyer – Australian Capital Territory
  • Tracey Evans – New South Wales

HostPlus Rising Star

  • Josh McGuinness – Tasmania
  • Kaidy Morgan – South Australia
  • Domenica Molluso – Victoria
  • Merranda Poole – Queensland
  • Celina Schimmel – Western Australia
  • Jake Fitzgibbon – New South Wales

School-Based Trainee of the year (SA, QLD & WA only)

  • Tyanne Kemp – South Australia
  • Qelyta Ware – Queensland
  • Jermaine Bropho – Western Australia

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Trainee of the Year (WA & SA only)

  • Khiara Wilkey – South Australia
  • Shaylee Jarmyn – Western Australia


  • Chris Johnson Cup AFL Cape York Award – Ally Engle (QLD)

Photo Gallery

To view all the photos from this year’s graduation, head to our official Facebook page by clicking here.

AFL SportsReady Alumni 

All former trainees are encouraged to stay in touch with us through our LinkedIn alumni page here.

DATE: 19th April 2019

AUTHOR: Marissa Pagliarello

IMAGE: Left to Right – Noah Resuggan (AFLQ Brisbane South), Daniel Edwards (AFLQ Brisbane South and Darren Resuggan (Supervisor AFLQ Brisbane South)